2Congress for iPhone

Finally, you can easily Tweet members of Congress. You now have all Twitter IDs for Congress at your fingertips.

You also have basic member details like:
– Member of House or Senate
– From State
– Party
– Next Election
– Missed Votes Percentage
– Votes with Party Percentage
– Seniority

Members are organized by prescriptive group, like House, Senate, each State, Party, etc…
You can also create your own groups.

When creating a tweet, just add a group, like a distribution list, to your tweet. You can place the list at the beginning of the tweet, keeping you tweet off the public timeline. Or, you can place the list at the end of your tweet.

You can also add names and Twitter IDs of your own and place them in your “Mine” group. You can then organize your own affinity groups. This is great for Local Representatives, Pundits, Journalists, Friends, etc…

2Congress helps you stay involved and send your point of view 2Congress!

At the iTunes App Store!

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